"Neil is an exceptional and creative window fashions professional, unique in America, having experience back to age 12 when he helped his father in business. What makes Neil so unusual is not just his depth in the business, but his ability to communicate his knowledge in a compelling way, easy to understand. I am proud to know Neil, to work with him, and to call him a friend."

Steve Bursten, Chariman/CEO , Exciting Windows!

---you have been awesome and we haven't even giving you any money yet...I just want you to know that we appreciate the professionalism...

Dan Galligan Montgomery Rand Design

"A million thanks for your outstanding work at the Lucida project.  Everything turned out so beautifully and I'm thrilled with the gorgeous work you did.  The clients are really happy as well and appreciative of the phenomenal job by your team."

Jennifer Agus, Interior Designer 

"I have the utmost respect and admiration for Neil. He is one of my role models, and I look forward to have my business running like his. Neil does not only coach or teach you the way to work on your business, he practices it. If you are looking to run your business, set strategies and systems, then Neil is the person for you."

Marisol Hernandez, Exciting Windows!

"Neil has been a great partner in our projects in the New York metropolitan area. He and his staff are very responsive and professional. We look forward to continuing this collaboration."

Robin Weiman, Owner , Drapery Contractors Inc.

"Not only is Neil an extremely successful business owner, he has an incredible understanding of window coverings and design. Working together with him has always been fantastic due to his unique ability to bring all elements together to deliver an extremely successful end result."

Kim Kiner, VP Alustra Collection , Hunter Douglas

"Neil has been a valuable addition to the contributing writers at D&WC. His knowledge, experience and ideas are based on his success in the business and provide real-life solutions to others. Neil's current direction is important and timely."

Howard Shingle, Editor , L.C. Clark Publishing Co.

"After having heard Neil speak at several conferences, and being quite impressed with his knowledge and expertise regarding the window treatment/design industry, I hired him as my business coach. Neil helped me develop strategies to grow my business while providing useful feedback and helping me stay on track. Neil always seems to be several steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to trends in the design industry. I would highly recommend working with Neil in any capacity, be it coach, speaker, or design/fabrication service."

Vicki Buswell, Exciting Windows

"Neil is an effective and insightful business coach for interior design and window treatment professionals. I hired him for his marketing program, to help me take my business to the next level. He believes in creating systems for all aspects of your business, and even his coaching program has an excellent tracking tool to help you assess your progress. He gives you one on one coaching with great value at a fair price. His coaching is a great asset to my business."

Linda H. Bassert, Masterworks Window Fashions & Design LLC, Fairfax, Va.