An Architect's Guide to Sustainable Window Coverings

What is a Green Window?

"It is a window in a residential, commercial, government or institutional facility that is treated by a window covering to prevent loss in the winter and to filter our solar heat gain in the summer with sustainable products and ideas."

The Guide             
This guide accompanies the AIA approved course (HSW SD) called "An Architect's Guide to Sustainable Window Coverings". I have included a more in-depth explanation of the topics that I present at my Lunch & Learn sessions. I begin with LEED and how Window Coverings apply to the USGBC's detailed requirements. Next I go beyond LEED to the many decisions that Architect's are required to correctly address when specifying Sustainable Window Coverings.
            I cover SolarSmart Shading Systems which offers excellent performance for reducing solar heat from entering the space as well as dealing with light and glare control. Finally I address insulating products that keep the heat within the space, such as Cellular Shades, Draperies and Roman Shades.
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Sustainable Window Coverings

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