About Decorating with Fabric

Decorating with Fabric, Inc is a "To the Trade" workroom. It's family of InSync Brands, is dedicated to the purpose of sustainability in design through the concept of removing rather than adding stress to building systems. This requires that window coverings are designed, fabricated and installed considering the critical elements of function first before form. Energy conservation, privacy, light control, ease of use, glare control and minimal maintenance take priority before design is considered. Decorating with Fabric is committed to working with Architects, Designers and Contractors to achieve these goals.

InSync Solar Shades offers Architects, Designers and Contractors complete product and system design through our specification writing service. This is done through our planning process we call The Solar Shade Pyramid System. The Solar Shade Pyramid System at its base addresses function before moving to the second level of deciding upon form, then reaching the peak which results in complete product design.

InSync SnapPleat Draperies is the Architect's favorite drapery treatment because of its simplicity in design and in its ease of function. With its low profile track and tight stack back, Architects and Designers chose SnapPleat over other drapery styles. 

Decorating with Fabric, Inc.
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