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The Solar Shade Pyramid System

Approved for AIA/CES Credit for HSW Sustainable Design

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Communicating Successful Drapery Design

Approved AIA/CES Credit

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The Designer's Coach Book

The Designer's Coach Book

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I have worked in the field of Architecture for over 10 years and have attended many Lunch and Learns. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the best Lunch and Learn program I have ever seen.  It was given by Neil Gordon of Decorating with Fabric. The subject was Engineered Shading Solutions. The presentation was entertaining and very informative.  I would highly recommend it.  Neil clearly knows his trade and is passionate about it. He is intelligent and articulate.  Since that time I have contacted Neil for input on details for my projects. His response was quick and very helpful.  He will definitely be my ‘go-to guy’ for window coverings from now on.

Kelly Harran

Austin Patterson Architects

What a great presentation! Informative and definitely a reflection of your excitement for your products. I especially liked the phrase"reducing stress from systems". Hope to work with you in the future.

Lori Jacobson

Interior Designer

Thank you for your wonderful and educational seminar; it’s been awhile since we had such engaging seminar. I hope BBB Architects will get a chance to work with you.

Jirina Orrico  

Beyer Blinder Belle

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We're More Then A Pretty Face


An all-day conference on Dynamic Facades: Architecture’s New Frontier may not be high on your “bucket list” but for DWF Contract it made perfect sense.  It was a long day - but a fascinating look into the engineering and design that goes into modern building systems.  Yes, window coverings are a system, just like HVAC and Lighting. In fact, they are an equal partner in the triangle formed by all three.       

"InSync Pyramid Shading System" at Gensler and SBLM Architects


Over the past two weeks we have had the pleasure of presentation at two of the biggest Architecture Firms in New York City; Gensler Architects and SBLM Architects. This was the first time our presentation was broadcasted via video conferencing to sister offices around the country. As you can see from the below picture, we presented to a full house at Gensler Architects.

Caution – Our Shades are Very Graphic!


We know what you were thinking – This can’t be legal!  I’ll only take a quick peek!

Sun Powered Shades Are Here!


It's been a long time coming, but your wait is finally over. Decorating with Fabric Contract is excited to offer a complete window covering control system for your residential or commercial project, powered simply by the new Solar Powered Nickel Metal Hydride battery which is 100% rechargable from the rays of the sun. Welcome to the new InSync SolarPac Shading System, the system of the future. 

What Comes First, Fabric or Design?


During my course Communicating Successful Drapery Design I speak about the importance of function coming before design. This is mostly true for commercial treatments as compared to residential treatments where sometimes form trumps function.

AIA Lunch and Learn - An Architects Guide to the New Division 12


AIA/CES Registered Provider Program Summary

Being Green with Smart Glass


There are many kinds of window films available in the market for different functions. These functions include: solar heat reduction, UV protection, glare reduction, privacy, security, energy savings as well as switchable film and film that can be used as a projection screen.

Fabrics Made from 100% PVC and 89% Reprieve Recycled Materials


We here at Decorating with Fabric, Inc. believe that environmentally conscious and sustainable products not only help the earth but are crucial for our country's economic growth. Now you might be asking, what additional products do we provide that are truly "green"? Well besides our SolarPac Window Covering System, we are pleased to introduce an exciting new fabric line made completely from recycled material; aptly called GreenScreen Revive. GreenScreen Revive is a durable, fire retardant PVC-free fabric. Our all new GreenScreen Revive fabric line provides excellent solar control, reducing heat and glare while offering superior view through to the outdoors due to its finely knitted weave. 

New KoolBlack Roller Shade Fabric Selections


Finally! It seems like evolution in fabric selection is as slow as the evolution process itself. Well the wait seems to be over, as Decorating with Fabric, Inc. is proud to announce its newest and most revolutionary fabric sample called "KoolBlack".

Solar Power Has Finally Come to Window Coverings!


Well this was a first for us, and man what a success it turned out to be. The idea of solar powered window coverings seems complex as ever, however with only a few additional parts it turned out beautifully. We had a client call us after seeing our SolarPac webpage on the InSync Solar site (click here to see for yourself), she had solar panels on her house and wanted to continue her environmental practices on her windows. Our InSync SolarPac System is actually quite a simple enough process. All that is needed is a window with minmul overhang (sometimes not easily accessible in New York City Apartments), a typical motorized window shade and of course the three piece SolarPac system (see below). 

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